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Edoardo Bennato
"There are prospects of Valparaiso and Viña Del Mar in Chile that I am familiar with, having been there three times, as well as corners and streets of Copenhagen, London and Zurich.
Also in Rio De Janeiro and Buenos Aires I know places, beaches and itineraries, and in the Caribbean I was there for the first time at 12 years of age and I returned at least twenty times, between Cuba, Jamaica, S. Domingo, Guadalupe, St. Lucia and all the leeward islands.
It has been fortunate to have visited many parts of the world repeatedly and convulsively.
But my greatest fortune is to be born in Naples, which at this point, after seeing so many beautiful places, I consider the most beautiful city in the world.
I know Naples and Bagnoli well, they are mine and I've always talked about them even in the songs. "
Edoardo Bennato
Dr. Sunflower
Project by Mario Insenga that he used a pseudonym to not yet use the Blue Stuff brand.
Piombo A BLUES
It's the meeting of four musician friends moved by a common passion, that for the Blues. But not the Blues in a manner, refined, didactic, more and more often celebrated as a rite of "holy men" and intended for an audience of "initiates"... No.
Gigi de Rienzo: Bass - Mario Insenga: Voice and Drums - Gennaro Porcelli: Voice and guitar - Daniele Sepe: Voice and Sax